Why page 5 of Contrapunctus 14 (Die Kunst der Fuge) doesn’t belong after page 4

The conclusion of this study is that page 5 of the autograph of Contrapunctus 14 doesn’t belong after page 4. Page 5 belongs to the end of the first musical part (bar 111-114 of the autograph). Maybe it is a design for the addition after part one.

Following this thesis, the missing part of Contrapunctus 14 starts at bar 227 instead of bar 239.  The following reasons substantiates this theses:

        • the notes at the end of page 4 doesn’t fit with those at the beginning of page 5 see.
        • the first bars of page 5 are musically related with bar 111-114 of the autograph, the end of the first part in the autograph see
        • In the first edition of Contrapunctus 14 (3 Soggetti in Die Kunst der Fuge), C.Ph.E. Bach changed the related notes at the end of the first part and added at the end of the total piece the open end, consisting of the first bars of page 5.  see
        • The three not-transponed themes at page 5 are unusual in the structure of the fuge and are understandable as design. (C.Ph.E. Bach leaves out the three themes of page 5) see

Milka (2014) argues that the first part probable is written earlier than the rest of the piece, because Bach crossed out two bars at the end of the part instead of sweeped out the bars. Maybe Bach made at that moment page 5.

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